Community Economic Development/Building Resilient Communities

Our aim is to build resilient communities able to carry out positive actions that will enhance the wellbeing of their communities and those that live, work and play there.

Identifying common needs.

We will work with those that can demonstrate that they have identified common needs and who are prepared to work co-operatively with others in order to involve the community in providing practical shared solutions.

Keeping wealth local & investing in community development

The 'sticky pound' or retaining and recirculating trading profits within the economy means that communities can benefit rather than wealth leaving the area. 



Investing in Community enterprises to enhance community wealth.

Resilience - people supporting each other through mutual-self-help

As a charity we do not undertake projects to make an individual wealthy but we will support individuals that want to improve the wealth of their community.

We do offer projects to support employability.

These include work experience opportunities with established social enterprises.