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 Registered in England: No. 28936R as a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.

Community Empowerment Limited. Registered Office: 90, Locksway Road PO4 8JP.

We are a charitable society for the benefit of the community and membership is open to supporters and users of our services.

Do you share our aims for community empowerment?

Do you support our co-operative values and principles?

All Members have equal voting rights (one member - one vote).

 Membership costs £1 for a single share plus £1 per month supporters’ subscription.

The £1 per month subscription helps with our basic operation and enables us to apply for grant funding as a democratic charity.

You can also support our work by adding a donation.

Regular (monthly donations) enable us to support our volunteers and in-turn deliver our charitable objectives. A regular £30 donation will support one of our volunteers but if you cannot manage that amount then smaller donations are also appreciated as they (collectively) provide a regular income stream for the charity helping to sustain our work.

There is a saying along the lines of if you give a person a fish you will feed them for the day.

But if you teach them to fish you will feed them for life.

At Community Empowerment we take this a stage further by saying that if you help community to build a

fishing boat then you help the whole community to feed itself.

That's the philosophy the underlines our charitable work.

Building community solutions for

Community needs.

We call it "mutual-self-help"...

communities working together to help not only themselves but others as well.

It's a very powerful solution!

We operate Empower- the mutual-self-help forum in order to promote and assist the empowerment of


We apply mutual-self-help and co-operative to much of what we do.

For instance in tacking unemployment we look for shared solutions.

In enterprise creation we favour Co-operative and Community Interest Companies.

We encourage 'asset locks' wherever appropriate to protect community generated assets.

We welcome social entrepreneurs with community minded motivation but seek ways to involve the community, employees, customers or services users or other stakeholders as appropriate.

We strive to develop sustainable enterprises for sustainable communities and to create new employment

where possible.

The barriers to our work and often for those that want to develop and work in such social enterprises

is often lack of relatively small amounts of monies.

For instance: The long term unemployed people coming together to create their own employment opportunity might have the skills, ideas and motivation to do so-

but lack the startup 'capital' to get going.

In many case the required amount is less than £1,000 but Banks

and other leaders do not offer acceptable solutions.

Even if they could find a willing lender at reasonable rate of interest, the idea of entering into such debit can terrify.

For such small sums, a philanthropic gift would be our preferred solution.

At the present time, our work with ore-start social enterprises falls outside of the government's "welfare to work" programmes.

We do what we can but our resources are limited.

We need donations in order to continue our charitable work and to help people to help

themselves and others.

If you agree with our philosophy, would you please provide us with a donation today?

You can donate via PayPal.

You either make a single donation or set up a regular payment, the choice is


Either way your generosity will make a real difference not only to the individuals that helped

directly but also the communities that share in the benefits.




Regular Donations


No one at Community Empowerment Ltd draws a salary. The charity relies upon its volunteers.

We work WITH jobseekers and volunteers to support community economic development and reduce poverty primarily through mutual-self-help (people working together to meet their common needs) and job creation in social enterprises.

There are however costs involved in supporting volunteers and training. We ask you for donations to meet these costs, especially travel & refreshments. It costs an average of £30 per month to support a volunteer.

A PDF copy of our rules can be downloaded from:  RULES